About 3D Printers

Overview of Kaizer 3D Printer

Kaizer Professional 3D printers produce professional, industrial-grade, high quality parts that are economically viable.

Our 3D printers fit comfortably into the workflow of a professional environment with perfect accessibility, simplicity and ease-of-use. Kaizer 3D printers are robust, reliable and require little maintenance and are made from original, superior materials that guarantee a premium printing product.

Kaizer 3D Printer's integrated software simplifies the overall design-to-print process greatly, adds value without increasing costs and brings amazing results to any workflow or production process.

At Sapphire Technolgy, we understand that our clients rely upon rapid prototyping in fast-moving, shifting industries like jewellery design and manufacturing, toy making, Dental, Educational, etc. Therefore our 3D printers are made to the highest specification, ensuring accurate and detailed printing for 3D rapid prototyping.

Kaizer Professional 3D Printer