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Specifications of Kaizer 3D Printer : Model - Kaizer 1800

Kaizer 1800
Build Envelope (X, Y, Z) 192 × 120 × 120 mm
Projector Resolution 1920 X 1080, HD Resolution DLP Light source
Native Pixel Size (XY - Resolution) 8K LCD UV Screen
Slice Thickness (Z - Resolution) 31 cm
Max. Part Height 120 mm
Building speed (@50mm Z-Resolution) 50 rings in 2 hours
Machine Control aaa
Model File Format bbbbbbb
Resin Robust metal frame and large CNC machined tank lead to the highest quality output and durability
Operating Voltage / Frequency 230V AC / 50Hz
Net Weight 25 KG
Kaizer Professional 3D Printer