• Kaizer 3D printer
    Reliable 3D printing Technology
    Equipped with netfabb® 3D Printing software
    Cost Effective & Easy Maintenance
    Ultra HD Resolution
    Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing
    Unmatched accuracy with finest resolution
  • Kaizer 3D Printer
    Highest Manufacturing Quality
    High Resolution
    High Speed with Accuracy
    HD Resolution
  • Kaizer 3D Printer
    Advantages of Printer
    User-friendly Interface, EASY TO USE
    Complex shape can be produced effectively
    No restrictions to use any kind resin (KD-1)
    Reduce Design Complexity
    Quick build head calibration & interchangeable resin trays

Our Services

3D Printing Job Work

We undertake job work to create 3D prototypes from your CAD/SLC/STL files to get a real-life feel for products.

Annual Mainetanance Service

We provide annual maintenance & Software upgrade/update support to clients who has Kaizer 3D Printer.

Why Choose Kaizer 3D Printer?

Sapphire is Reliable Option For Buying 3D Printers & Professional 3D Printing Services
  • Simple To Operate
  • Affordable Prices
  • Highest Surface Quality
  • Native Px: X-62µm, Y-49µm
  • 100mm Max. Part Height
  • Easy Touchscreen Interface

About Kaizer3D Printer Cad- Cam

  Kaizer3D Printer Cad- Cam is a Company headquarters in Mumbai, backed by Industry professional with extensive knowledge. We are the exclusive seller for Kaizer 3D Printers and focus on providing affordable and most advanced DLP 3D Printers and 3D printing services to customers in India through direct sale and Print services online.
Kaizer3D Printer Cad- Cam is committed to follow all legal and mutual agreements for confidentiality.
We believe in mutual cooperation and trust. All our policies and business ethics are congruent in this concern. You can avail trustworthy services and deal with us without hesitation.